Press Releases

Washington, DC – Senator Jay Rockefeller today released the following statement on the agreement reached on Iran’s nuclear program.

“The agreement reached on Iran’s nuclear program is an important first step toward preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, which is critical to the security of the U.S. and its allies. This agreement was possible because the powerful sanctions that we put in place, designed to force Iran to the negotiating table, have done precisely that. I urge all of my colleagues to come together in support of the agreement.

“Holding Iran to this agreement stops progress on its nuclear program. It neutralizes Iran’s most dangerous stockpile of nuclear material – 20 percent enriched uranium – and it establishes significant monitoring mechanisms that enable inspectors to verify that Iran is in compliance with its commitments.

“This deal maintains the powerful sanctions regime that has been built over the past years, and leaves the heaviest sanctions fully in place. If Iran does not execute on the commitments it made under the agreement, the relief stops, and the sanctions will be intensified.

“As we move forward, there should not be any illusions about the difficulty of dealing with Iran. This agreement does not magically change the past nor does it ignore Iran’s current state sponsorship of terrorism. There will be real challenges in the months ahead in negotiating a long-term comprehensive agreement.

“Nevertheless, I have always supported doing everything possible to achieve a peaceful path forward with Iran, and I believe this agreement is a significant step in the right direction. Introducing additional sanctions at this point could jeopardize the important progress that this agreement makes.

“The bottom line is that this deal is the best path forward to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon without the use of military force, and I fully support it.”