Student Resources

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For High School, College, and Graduate Students

Internships - Senator Rockefeller is seeking interns who are interested in learning about the legislative process and willing to work diligently to serve the citizens of West Virginia. Click here for more information.

U.S. Service Academy Nominations - Senator Rockefeller has the privilege of nominating outstanding West Virginia students for admission to the nation's service academies. The service academies offer a fine education and excellent career opportunities. Click here for more information.

Financial Aid Information - A Congressional Research Service guide for students going through the process of locating and applying for financial aid; and repaying student loans. Click here for more information.

United States Senate Youth Program - A program sponsored by the Senate each year to encourage high school students to pursue careers in public service. Click here for more information.

Just for Kids

Senator Rockefeller's Kids Page - Click here for fun links to find out more information and explore the United States Senate and other areas of our government.

About Our Government - Click here for links to learn about the branches of the United States Government.